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Fondazione Museke


In Kirundi, the official language of Burundi, Museke evokes images like dawn, light and smile. For many years this word has bound Africa and Italy, in particular Burundi and Brescia.

On the basis of this strong connection a woman decides to give a further continuation to her life, to gift a smile to several young lives and to guarantee them a brighter future.

She chooses a concrete act, leaving her legacy to another woman, very well known and appreciated for her tireless commitment in favour of Africa.

In 2009 Enrica Lombardi together with Museke Association, which was already celebrating its 40 years of activity, decides to set up the homonymous Foundation.



Scarica la nostra presentazione

Download the brochure of Museke Foundation for a summary of ongoing projects in the southern world and other initiatives in our region.


Fondazione Museke Onlus Via F.lli Lombardi 2 25121 Brescia Tel +39 030 2807724 C.F. 98148960176
mail: info@fondazionemuseke.org

Fondazione Museke